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Bringing Your
Small Business Online

Online Marketing for your Small Business.

Zoetic Studio Marketing is a locally owned online marketing agency in Houston, TX that believes no client is too small. We understand that big ideas come from simple beginnings. But, launching your online presence and connecting with your target audience is anything but simple. With over eight years of strategic digital marketing experience in the corporate space, we bring high-level expertise to your small business marketing plan. Through thoughtful website consultation, intentional search engine optimization, and engaging paid media, our goal is to see your business grow.

Business is people. Relationships matter.

Our team prides itself on building solid and long-lasting relationships. We do not simply become hired help and empty promises but strive to develop a professional yet personal connection with our clients that let us partner with each other to find solutions and push successful marketing goals.

Ready to thrive in the fast-paced world of digital marketing?

In the world of online media, change is the only constant. We will keep up with technological trends and google updates, so you don’t have to! Meanwhile, our digital solutions will help solve your marketing challenges so you can focus on delivering your business promises.

Our Mission

Helping small businesses achieve success by applying expert digital marketing strategies while building close, lasting relationships with each client.

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What We Do

Small Business Digital Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the first steps to helping your small business grow online is making sure your website becomes optimized for search engines. If potential customers do not see your business, your traffic and sales suffer. We can improve your visibility on search engine results pages, increasing your search engine rankings and creating quality organic website traffic.

Paid Media

Through paid media, we can drive traffic for your specific target audience(s). Utilizing search, display, and social media ads, we not only find your ideal customers, but we can track and measure their success- tweaking them to meet your goals.

Website Consultation

A website with optimally designed pages is one of the first steps to building an online presence or digital marketing strategy for your small business. We can examine your website’s individual page performance and provide you with the ideal plan to increase traffic, boost SEO, or develop paid media campaigns.

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